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June Meeting-Bureau of Diplomatic Security- Presentation and open discussion on counterfeit passport cards

  • 06/22/2023
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Northeastern Uni-Building 5 (147 South Bedford St.) Burlington, MA

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Event location change: please note we will be held at Northeastern University Building 5 147 South Bedford St. Burlington.  A map of the area has been included.   Thank you Dodi !  Excited for the large turnout! 

Elisabeth Orion - an Investigative Specialist (non-sworn investigator) with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security has been posted to the Portsmouth Resident Office since 2011 where she investigates passport fraud, visa fraud, Human trafficking & Smuggling, identity theft, and any other crime that has a nexus to our core charges.

Elisabeth will lead an open discussion about current trends and cases in her office. The Portsmouth Resident Office, Diplomatic Security Service, has seen a sharp increase in counterfeit passport cards in our region. This intelligence meeting has been scheduled to jointly discuss a summary of observations, lessons learned, effective techniques, and helpful resources used during successful investigations of counterfeit passport card fraud rings.  It is our intention, by opening a regional dialog, to advance investigations through shared intelligence and ultimately thwart the various fraud rings operating in the area.

Current Fraud Trends and Financial Loss:

  • Organized crime groups (gangs) originating in New York  have recruited prostitutes, the homeless, and drug addicts to travel to other states.​
  • The "mules" assume the valid name, POB, and DOB of a victim using the USPC as primary ID.​
  • "Mules" hit financial institutions big and small, retailers, car dealerships, and hospitality. ​
  • Imposters/Mules have traveled across multiple states.​
  • DSS has uncovered over $5.1 million dollars* in reported loss and an additional $5.7 million dollars* in attempted loss with approximately 1300 victims.​
  • *likely not fully representative*​

Given the nature of this discussion This meeting Is limited to LE  personnel only.  If your department has any relevant cases that might benefit  the group discussion , please bring your case information to the meeting.  If your department has Detectives who may be interested in this meeting please extend the invite to them.

This will be an in person meeting only. 

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