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About MACA

The Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts is the regional crime analysis association of the Northeast – we have over 150 members, besides Massachusetts we also have many members from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Eastern Canada.

We conduct monthly meetings throughout the region which include a wide variety of training topics related to crime analysis.

We hold a world class week long training conference on crime analysis every year in May.

All of our members are also members of the IACA International Association of Crime Analysts and MACA also has the largest number of IACA Certified Law Enforcement Analysts (CLEA's) of all of the regional crime and intelligence analyst associations affiliated with the IACA.

We are very proud of our world class annual conference and we are especially proud of all of our world class members

The Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to:

  • Training crime analysts

  • Encouraging the development of crime analysis among police agencies

  • Providing a forum to share techniques, tools, and ideas

To achieve these goals, MACA holds monthly meetings (which include training), runs an Annual Training Conference, conducts training and technical support throughout New England, prepares articles and presentations on a number of crime analysis topics, and provides an e-mail discussion list for our members.

MACA was organized in the Spring of 1997 by Officer Robert Stering of the Waltham Police Department, shortly after he was assigned to crime analysis in his agency.

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