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MACA has partnered with the New England Organized Retail Crime Alliance in order to fight the growing trend of Organized Retail Crime. NEORCA offers an excellent tool in their website and we highly recommend that all of our law enforcement analysts and all police officers sign up:


MACA partners with Fisher College, an accredited four –year institution located in Boston’s historic Back Bay with locations in Boston, Brockton, New Bedford, and North Attleborough. The college provides affordable, real world education that prepares students to achieve their goals and compete in today’s challenging economy. Fisher college offers thirteen Associate Degrees and by Fall 2013 will have eight Bachelor’s Degree programs including both an Associates and Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

The Criminal Justice program at Fisher College is focused on preparing individuals for a career in a broad spectrum of careers including police and security work and governmental and private agencies. Since career professionals in these fields work with a diverse public and address a variety of social issues, the social and behavioral sciences are combined with appropriate criminal justice courses. The things students learn in the classroom are broadened with field trips and speakers to allow students to experience the realities of careers in the criminal justice system. For more information on the CJ program contact Professor Meredith Spencer at

The Center for Leadership in Public Service at Fisher College was created to combine the capabilities and resources of Fisher College with the highest caliber public safety specialists and researchers providing unparalleled planning and program implementation services, along with training and related programs for public sector employees and practitioners. The Center is an initiative that brings together faculty, staff, students, practitioners and external partners to positively impact public service. For additional information about the Center for Leadership in Public Service Contact:

Alexander Wagner
Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Phone: 617-236-8879

Center for Leadership in Public Service

Forensic Evidence and Criminal Justice Outcomes in a Statewide Sample of Sexual Assault cases.
I believe this will be useful and interesting for anyone in the CJ system who works sexual assault cases or with sexual assault data. I am also cross-posting this to the RAD-L because there are implications for RAD instructors who often work with SANE nurses and academics who study the dynamics of sexual assault.
Despite our many advances in forensic evidence collection techniques and the technology used to process that evidence there is still a lot that we don't actually know.
This presentation was recorded at this months meeting of the Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts, which was held at Fisher College in Boston.
I would recommend turning your computer volume up and adjusting the audio properties of the presentation. The slides are controlled by a dropdown on the upper right. The presentation really starts at about 6 minutes and 40 seconds in.


I can tell you that this research could have an impact on the criminal justice system in regards to how "Rape Kits" are processed, collected and used within the criminal justice system.

Special thanks to Fisher College and to MACA members Alex Wagner of Fisher College and Dan Bibel of the Mass. State police Crime Reporting Unit.


If you have any questions or comments about this research project please direct them to Alex Wagner –
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