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Selecting the Appropriate Chart Type

Most of the time you'll know which type of chart best suits your data and what it is that you're trying to convey. For those times when you're not so sure, here's a quick reference guide from the book "Good

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Firing Back

Whether you’ve been doing crime analysis for one year or fifteen years, chances are that at some point in your career you’ve seen the intentional skewing of crime statistics, or perhaps more commonly, the flawed and incorrect interpretation of crime

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Measuring Police Performance

When I first started working at my Department our Crime Analysis Unit ran a regular report called Unit Measures, which was intended to measure the performance of each Operations shift. It had been a report staple for some time before

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Armed Career Criminals

Are you familiar with the Armed Career Criminal Law? Essentially the Armed Career Criminal Law is designed to target offenders who are known for gun-related violent crimes and/or serious drug offenses. The law allows stricter, lengthier sentences to be imposed

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Paris Attacks

The recent attacks in Paris are a good reminder that we now live in a world where mass murder for nearly any number of reasons is possible in nearly any number of places.  Crime Analysts can play an active role

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