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C3 Policing in Springfield

During our January 2013 monthly meeting we had the pleasure of seeing a presentation on C3 Policing or Counter Criminal Continuum Policing. The Massachusetts State Police have been using an adaptation of military counterinsurgency strategies and tactics to turn around a very bad gang situation in North Springfield. To those who have been in law enforcement for many years these tactics and strategies look like a mixture of Community Policing and the practical application of Crime & Intelligence Analysis. No matter what you call this program the results show that the Troopers have been very effective and they should be commended for coming up with this excellent model that can be adapted to departments facing similar issues.

The program has been so succesful that "60 Minutes" ran a piece on it on Sunday May 5th. You can view it here:

C3 Policing also has a website with a lot of great resources here:

For those who missed the January presentation we have invited the State Police to give a presentation at our 16th Annual Conference from May 13 – 17, 2013. This program is so good that we will probably be asking Trooper Cutone and his team back for our 17th Annual Conference from May 12 – 17 in 2014.

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