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Year: 2013

Analyzing Non-Criminal Events

As the title Crime Analyst implies, we analyze crime. But what about all the non-criminal events that get reported every day?  If we choose to simply ignore them then we’re leaving out a very significant piece of the entire law

“Big Data” and the “Changing Landscape of Criminal Activities”

I was sitting at my computer contemplating what I ought to write about for my first blog entry since returning to work… a long overdue item on my to-do list. Not particularly inspired by anything that my own mind could

C3 Policing in Springfield

During our January 2013 monthly meeting we had the pleasure of seeing a presentation on C3 Policing or Counter Criminal Continuum Policing. The Massachusetts State Police have been using an adaptation of military counterinsurgency strategies and tactics to turn around a very bad

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Five Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do to Make a Difference

The National Institute of Justice just released a report entitled, "Five Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do to Make a Difference" This is really a quick and simple summary of things that are proven to improve police operations and

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